About the Charity

The mission and purpose of the charity is to support individuals in need, within the plastics community, as well as local charities and the Greg Berry scholarship fund offered by the International Association of Plastic Distributors.

Through your generous support we have provided our industry with more than $250,000 in benefits over the past 28 years!  It is your continued commitment that drives ours.

If you know of a group, organization, or individual in need of financial aid or assistance, please contact one of our committee members who can assist you with the application process, or download the request form here.

2018 Committee Members:

Stephen Frantz, Polymer Industries

Kerry Bone, KBA

Tori Saum, Piedmont Plastics, Inc.

Brent Brelsford, Piedmont Plastics, Inc.

Adam Mellen, SIMONA America

Tim Triggiano, Plaskolite, Inc.


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